Tesla launched a Supercar and an all-electric Semi

Tesla launched a Supercar and an all-electric Semi

Tesla unveiled the Tesla Semi, an electric truck that gets 500 miles of battery range on a single charge and a cockpit that looks like the inside of a spaceship.

The Tesla Semi has a drag coefficient of just 0.36, making it more aerodynamic than the $2.7M Bugatti Chiron.

Then, there was one more thing. The dimmed lights came back on, and a new version of Tesla’s original sports car popped out of the Semi.

The new Tesla Roadster is the fastest production car ever made. It’s stunning, but it’s the specs that got everyone talking:

  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Top speed of over 250 mph
  • 620 mile battery range

P.S. Today Tesla launched a supercharger for your phone.


Honorable Mentions

Firefox released Firefox Quantum, the newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. This is a game changer.

Facebook’s youngest employee launched a tbh competitor, the app that was recently acquired by Facebook after 9 weeks in the App Store.

Hot Startups (that are hiring)

OneSignal is on fire! 270,000 developers have signed up to the service, and the company now sends over 10 billion push notifications a week. The team just moved into a new office and is hiring. Join them.

Coinbase, a leader in the crypto space, is growing at a remarkable pace with up to 100,000 new signups per day. The company is looking for talented people to join and has multiple open positions available.

Postmates is expanding! Last week the on-demand delivery service launched in its first international city, Mexico City. The company is hiring engineers, designers, and marketers in SF, and has big plans ahead.

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