México Cities top 5

Mexican Restaurants top 5

A great variety of options and favors for to taste in the México City.

Bistro 83

Located in the center of San Ángel, this restaurant is the best option for mediterranean cuisine. It’s lovely garden and architecture makes you feel in a typical colonial residence.

You can sit inside or in the terrace, where smoking is allowed. Let’s talk about the food, simply delicious.

My recommendations for starters are the spinach dip and the prosciutto rissoles. For the main course i surely recommend the Coq Aun Vin or the Bistro Steak.

And last but not least, dessert ! This is my favorite part, and i have only one recommendation for you: Dulce de leche Fondant. It’s a little cake, fill with warm dulce de leche. It’s just the best i ever had. Basically this is a great place with delicious food, I’ll


La No. 20

If you’re looking for a typical mexican cantina, this is definitely it. This restaurante surely knows how to combine tradition and sophistication.

Everything you eat is delicious. One of the appetizers you must try, is the Tlayuda; a traditional Oaxacan dish made of a large, thin and crusty tortilla, covered with beans, pork, lettuce, avocado, cheese, and of course, salsa.

You’ll want to share this dish, or else you won’t finish it. There are lots of seafood and beef appetizers. As well as many taco options.

This is a great place to have a drink too, there is a great variety of tequila and mezcales. This restaurant offers the whole experience of a cantina, there is live music and sometimes even mariachi. assure you’ll have a good time.


Tori Tori

If you like japanese food, then you should definitely visit this restaurant. Tori Tori is best known for its sushi and raw bar. Honestly, the quality of the food is outstanding.

You have and infinity of sushi options, so if you are a sushi lover, this is a must. Basically you have an infinity of everything options: soups, salads, bowls, raw bar, sushi, rices, pasta, sushi cakes and temakis.

I truly recommend the Maguro Chirashi; steamed rice, with fresh tuna cubes, seaweed, chives, avocado and spicy sauce; order it marinated. It’ll be the best tuna bowl you’ll ever have.

The place is great, although is kind of posh. This is a great place to have a kind of fancy dinner. If you haven’t gone to Tori Tori, what you’re waiting for?

Mythos Estiatorio

Is greek food what you’re looking for? Mythos Estiatorio is the perfect place to have it. Located in a beautiful corner in Polanco, this restaurant offers the greatest greek food in Mexico City.

Seafood, vine leaves, eggplant, garlic, Kalamata olives, lamb and Philo pasta, are just some of the signature ingredientes of the menu.

It’s a small and cozy place, where you will enjoy the flavor of every single saucer. The typical greek music that surrounds the enviroment, makes you feel in a lost island in Greece.

Two of my recommendations are the Tzatziki, traditional yogurt and cucumber dip; and the Gyros, these are like the greek ‘tacos’, made of meat, tomato, onion, french fries and tzatziki, served in a flatbread such as pita.

You can’t eat greek food without trying these two saucers. Although anything you order will be extraordinary. Opa!


Puerto Madero

This place is incredible if you like argentine food. As an argentine restaurant, the meat is it’s specialty. Any piece of meat you order will be delicious.

For starters, you can order a patty, meat, cheese or corn. There is also a variety of carpaccios, my recommendation is octopus carpaccio, simply delicious.

If you go with friends or family, I truly recommend not to order each one a dish, the size of the plates are really big. So I recommend to order everything to share, that way you will taste of every saucer and it won’t be an excess of food.

Drinks are pretty good here too, this is a great place to have a long and at ease conversation even after eating. If you don’t eat meat, there are plenty of other options like fish, chicken, and salads.

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